Algeria condemns vigorously failed coup attempt in Sudan

Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad

At a time when African peoples consider that the time of coups and unconstitutional changes is over in Africa, brotherly Sudan has recently experienced a failed coup attempt that Algeria strongly condemns.This failed opposes the political agreement as well as to the constitutive texts of the Khartoum Agreement and the Peace Agreement signed in Juba within the framework of the transition process that stems from the consensual will of the various Sudanese civilian and military parties.
Facing this situation, Algeria calls on the current chairman of the African Union (AU) to intensify efforts to strengthen democracy in Africa, and urges member countries to comply with the fundamental principles of the AU, including the rejection of any unconstitutional change of government or seizure of power by force in order to ensure respect for the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of countries, in addition to the achievements of its brotherly peoples, particularly good governance.